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Get a Permit Before You Burn

Station One (Office) 760-749-8001
If no answer, call Station Two 760-741-5512
If still no answer, call Station Three 760-751-0820
If still no answer call, Miller Station 760-728-8532

All requirements to be followed and completed prior to inspection:

  1. Maximum campfire/cooking size is 3ft X 3ft. Ceremonial burn pile size: 5ft x 5ft.
  2. Minimum of 15ft clearance around burn site. (Bare dirt)
  3. Pressurized water supply must reach around the entire burn pile.
  4. Only one campfire/ceremonial fire at a time.
  5. Do not burn if winds exceed 5 mph from any direction.
  6. Only natural fuels are allowed to be burned. Do not burn any materials such as: tires, pallets, construction or demolition debris, paper, trash, oily waste material, flammable solid or liquid waste, painted debris, etc.
  7. All campfire/ceremonial fires must be completely out when fire activity has been terminated. This includes smoldering and or hot coals.
  8. Any change in your burn status such as pile location or type of material to be burned may require re-inspection of site.
  9. You must call before you begin burning to establish if burning is allowed that day.
  10. An adult must be in attendance at all times during burning. Permit must be available at the burn site.
  11. This permit is valid for the day issued and must be re-issued for a new campfire/ceremonial fire.
  12. This permit is NOT valid for agricultural burning.

*The Public Resources Code (4103.5) defines a "campfire" as: "…a fire which is used for cooking, personal warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or aesthetic purposes, including fires contained within outdoor fireplaces and enclosed stoves with flutes or chimneys, stoves using jellied, liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels, portable barbecue pits and braziers, or space heating devices which are used outside any structure…"